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Christmas is just around the corner, and at Mistletoeing.comâ„¢ the online mistletoe shop, we are working hard to create thousands of kisses this year with our fresh-cut organic mistletoe. We make it easy to get into the holiday spirit! With our fresh mistletoe for sale you can now buy Christmas mistletoe online from the comfort of your home. The long-cherished mistletoeing tradition is now just a click away!

  • Why choose our mistletoe?

    Quality organic mistletoe for our customers

    We harvest fresh mistletoe every day, & hand-decorate all of our arrangements… with you, our customer, in mind. Choose from our wide variety of designs including kissing balls, classic sprigs, & more—with ribbons colors, & sizes to suit your needs. Buy with confidence!

  • Continuing the custom

    It’s a Tradition

    When it comes to Christmas decorations… mistletoe is second only to the Christmas tree itself! Mistletoe has been a holiday decor for hundreds of years. Countless Christmas carols celebrate the timeless Christmas and New Year’s Eve mistletoeing tradition.

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The Mistletoe Shop

We are the only online seller of non-artificial, real Kissing Balls in North America. We also have the largest & freshest selection of real mistletoe arrangements for sale anywhere—Guaranteed!

Small Classic Mistletoe

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Large Classic Mistletoe

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Mistletoe Kisscatcherâ„¢

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Mistletoe Ornament

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Real Mistletoe Kissing Ball

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Wow Factor Mistletoe (Bind on pickup)

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Mistletoe Gift Certificates

Mistletoe Gift Certificate

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Mistletoeing.comâ„¢ | Buy with confidence

Look for Mistletoeing.comâ„¢ products at & other major retail outlets

Order your mistletoe by 10AM (EST) on the dates below, to help ensure delivery by Christmas day:

If you intend to ship your order via USPS Priority we recommend not waiting till the last minute; delivery times this close to Christmas are approximations & are not guaranteed by the Postal Service.

USPS Priority——————December 19th.
UPS/FedEx 2nd-Day————December 21st.
UPS/FedEx Overnight————December 22nd.

  • We ship all the way up to Christmas & New Years Eve for last minute shoppers.
  • Buy mistletoe in bulk for fundraising or other purposes. Visit our bulk mistletoe pricing page.
  • If you’re a retailer looking to purchase any of our products wholesale, please reach us through our contact form below.


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Mistletoe in the News in the News

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Mistletoe FAQ

We are commonly asked the following questions by our new customers:

How long will my mistletoe last?

Much like any other cut flower or foliage, mistletoe, once picked, begins to dry out. We treat every sprig with a preservative and package it soon after harvesting in order to maximize its longevity, color, and freshness for our customers. Once exposed to the air and room temperatures, the foliage can be expected to dry over the course of one or two weeks. We recommend that you hang your arrangement promptly once you expose it to the air. This will help it retain its shape as it dries, so you can enjoy it all season long. In addition, we provide discount coupon codes to our returning customers who choose to make additional purchases in order to keep a fresh sprig throughout the holiday season.

How can I keep my mistletoe fresh?

Your order will retain it’s freshness for several weeks if kept in a cool location (34-48 degrees Fahrenheit) with limited exposure to open air. When you buy mistletoe for resale, for a local fundraiser, or to give as a gift, we suggest maximizing its longevity by keeping it cool, and limiting its exposer to open air by keeping it in a closed container. We also highly recommend ordering only as much as you can sell in a week’s times, and then ordering more as needed.

Info: Some customers have had success prolonging the life of their hanging mistletoe by misting the arrangement with a spay bottle once daily.

When to buy mistletoe & how should I ship my order?

Most of our domestic orders ship via USPS priority mail, which generally takes 1-3 business days, but can take up to 5 business days. If you want to wait till the last minute to order for the holiday, we offer second-day and overnight service through UPS/FedEx. Even for next day orders, however, you should be aware that it could take between 12 to 48 hours before the package actually ships. This will allow for harvesting and arranging the freshest sprigs possible. In general, your order will be shipped that day or the following business day.

Does Mistletoeing.comâ„¢ mistletoe contain berries?

Yes, berries grow on the female form of the mistletoe plant, they are small and white to pink in color. Approximately ¼ of the mistletoe that we harvest contains berries. We can not guarantee berries, but if you request them in the notes while placing your order, will will go out of our way to try and include them whenever possible.

I would like to buy mistletoe for a friend, is that possible?

There are currently two ways to buy mistletoe for a friend. You can purchase a Mistletoe Gift Certificate and enter your friend’s email address. Within 24 hours your friend will receive an email with his/her gift certificate code and a link to redeem the code. Your friend can redeem the code, and have fresh mistletoe shipped when they choose. With this method, multiple gifts can be purchased in one order.

The second option involves ordering an arrangement of your choice and simply including the gift recipients information in the “ship to” address box during checkout. Be sure to include a note with your order in the “Add card with personal note” message box. We will include a holiday card with your personal message when we ship the order. Be sure to specify if you want your package to be anonymous in the notes section during checkout.

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Contact Mistletoeing.comâ„¢

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed in our FAQ, please feel free to send us a message. If you are looking for a price quote for a bulk purchase, we offer some of the best prices & freshest product available online.  We look forward to hearing from you and wish you lots of kisses… and a very happy holiday season!

Yours truly,
The Mistletoeing.comâ„¢ Team

* - By contacting us, you agree to receive email from Mistletoing.comâ„¢. We never spam & you can unsubscribe at any time.
Our customers are important to us! Your message will be answered as promptly as possible.

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When should I order?

Like choosing when to put up your Christmas tree… timing is a personal choice. Our mistletoe is treated with a preservative at harvesting & can look fresh for several weeks in optimal conditions. If you choose to order late in the season, you may want to choose a faster shipping method.


Heath & Safety

Our mistletoe is 100% real organic mistletoe. Authentic mistletoe is generally considered to be toxic, although there is little evidence supporting this…* In the interest of safety, be sure to store & display your mistletoe in a location that is safely out of the reach of children & pets.


Holiday Mistletoe

From the earliest times, mistletoe has been considered a magical, mysterious plant of European folklore. Mistletoe was considered to bestow love, fertility & thought to be an aphrodisiac …and we’ve all been kissing under the mistletoe ever since.

Merry Christmas!

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